Nature: Abstraction and Observation

Thank you to everyone that participated in our show over at the Environmental Education Center. Nature: Abstraction and Observation was a great success, with close to 50 artworks by a wide variety of artists!

Participating artists were:

Sung Gross

Helen Frees

Lenny McDonald

Joy Ann Lara

Paul Federico

Kay Bhasin

Danielle Corso

Clara Owens

Darrin Owens

Linnea Rhodes

Lauri Kanapsky

Barbara Uhr

Heda Matiejunas

Wendy Rosenberg

Dorothy Siclare

Mariya Kovalyov

Alicia Cotter

Nick Roden

Gail Driscoll

A special thank you to the volunteers that helped to put up the show and take it down: Paul Federico, Darrin Owens, Sharon Reed, Maxine King and Mariya Kovalyov.
We are always looking for volunteers, so come and join us!

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