Spring Update

We have had a great start to this year.

WAA Meetings

First, we had a fantastic in person meeting at the Westfield Memorial Library in February. We discussed upcoming member shows and several members shared recent art works that they created.  Genevieve (Eve) Leonard gave a wonderful presentation about fine art animation. You can see more about Eve and her art at www.genevieveleonard.com.

Look out for an email about our upcoming meeting in April!

Our Plein Air event is coming up in May (there will be a separate post about that shortly).

Instagram Account

Did you know that WAA is on Instagram? That’s right! You can find us at @westfield_art_association . The WAA’s Instagram account is a public account. If you are not on Instagram, you can join in the fun, it is a great social platform for artists.

Francesca Azzara, one of our wonderful board members has agreed to help us manage our account. She wants you to join and share your work! If you would like to show your work on WAA Instagram account please share the following with us (via our email account, or directly to Francesca): Several images of your work in jpeg format.   Tell me about the work…title, size medium, for sale. If you wish to sell it, just let us know.  Some sort of contact info: email, phone number, website or your Instagram handle. 

If you join, please let us know your handle and be sure to check out Francesca’s work @francesca_azzara_art.

Good luck and we will see you there!

Clara Owens, one of our youngest members, is an amazing artists. Do not miss her show at the Heartwork Children’s Gallery. Reception is this Saturday 2-4. Clara’s work will be on display until April 1st!

Ongoing show

Right now we have a show in the Commissioner’s Gallery in Elizabeth. The art will be on view until May 6th. Thank you to all the amazing artists that are participating in the show! The address of the Gallery is 10 Elizabethtown Plaza, Elizabeth, NJ 07202 for anyone that would like to visit and view the art. You can also read the official announcement here.

Our amazing participating artists are:

Kim Eckstrom
Dorothy Siclare
Lee Forman
Heda Matiejunas
Lenny McDonald
Darrin Owens
Diane Gallo
Helen Mastrangelo Frees
Joe Manzella
Lee Forman
Avi Kiriakatis
Leslie Wallant
Barbara Uhr
Gail Driscol

In other news:

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