WAA Member Show At The Rialto

We have been very lucky to have a fantastic show at the former Rialto theater, now known as The Center For Creativity, in Westfield.

Despite the fact that we had to shut down the show early due to Covid, we had a fantastic opening night, and quite a few attendees while the show was up. We also wound up with a great amount of art sales! Congratulations to all of our artists participating in the show.

Participating Artists:

Bernice Shaw
Bob Yurochko
Laura Williams
Mary Paynter
Shirley Wallitch
Avi Kiriakatis
Danielle Corso
Wendy Rosenberg
Maxine King
Hedviga Matiejuans
Francesca Azzara
Clara Owens
Darrin Owens
Virginia Puskar
Gail Driscoll
Lee Forman
Anne Castellano
Julius Carallo
Arlene Carallo
Élena Nazzaro
Mariya Kovalyov
Barbara McElheny
Diana Taliaferro Wallette
Helen Frees
Sharon Reed
Barbara Uhr
Paul Federico
Joy Ann Cabanos
Linnea Rhodes
Kanak “Kay” Bhasin
Anna Landovski

As always, a picture is worth a thousand words:

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