2021 Online Benefit Sale

Did you know that every year Westfield Art Association gives a scholarship to a senior student that is going to study art, selected by the Westfield High School. Well, we do, and you can help! Below, you will find artwork created by our members, and donated for this wonderful online benefit art sale. When you purchase the art here, a portion of the proceeds will go toward the scholarship for next year.

Each piece of art has been generously donated by our artists, and is priced at $55.00. To purchase each artwork, please be sure to indicate the number/artist name of the artwork you are purchasing, and send us a payment of $55.00 to Paypal to westfieldartassociation@gmail.com. If you are unable to use paypal, but still interested in purchasing an artwork or making a donation, please reach out to us by email: westfieldartassociation@gmail.com.

Without further ado, here is the art!

#1: Victoria Williams, 11 by 14, Oil on Canvas

#2: Paul Federico, Duck, Oil on Canvas, 14 by 18, unframed.

***SOLD*** #3: Darrin Owens, Koi, Ink and Marker on Paper

#4: Barbara Uhr, To The Beach, Pastels, 8 by 10.

#5: Paul Federico, The Reverend, Oil on Canvas, 11 by 14.

#6: Sung Gross, Tamaques Park, Oil on Canvas, 18 by 24

#7: Barbara Uhr, Red Barn, Pastels, 8 by 10

***SOLD***#8: Clara Owens, Musculature, Color Pencil and Watercolor on paper.

#9 Mariya Kovalyov, Landscape, Acrylic on canvas, 8 by 10

#10: Heda Matiejunas, Across The Lake, Oil on Canvas, 5 by 7

#11: Mariya Kovalyov, Landscape 2, Acrylic on Canvas, 8 by 10 inches

***SOLD***#12: Julius Carallo, Alive With Color, Oil on Canvas, 7 by 7

#13: Barbara Uhr, On The Hill, Pastels on paper, 8 by 10.

***SOLD***#14: Paul Federico, Muddy Waters, Oil on Canvas, 10 by 8

#15: Paul Federico, Mindowaskin Park Gazebo, Oil on Hardboard, 11 by 8.5

#16: Maxine King, Monotype Series 5/6, Face Play, Matted to 18 by 14

#17: Jill Crouch, Watercolor, 5 by 7

#18: Jill Crouch, Watercolor, 5 by 7

#19: Jill Crouch, Watercolor, 5 by 7

#20: Jill Crouch, Watercolor, 5 by 7

***SOLD***#21: Paul Federico, Hay Wagons at Bayonet Farms, Oil on Canvas, 16 by 20

#22: Paul Federico, First Congregational Church, 10 am, oil on hardboard, 12 by 12

#23: Darrin Owens, Bubble, Color Pencil, Acrylic and Marker on Paper, 5 by 7.

#24: Barbara Uhr, Last of The Day, Pastels, 8 by 10

#25: Virginia Puskar, Hibiscus Love, Watercolor, 10 by 14

***SOLD***#26: Virginia Puskar, Daisy Beach, Watercolor, 10 by 14

#27: Virginia Puskar, Wake Up Lily, Watercolor, 8 by 10

6 thoughts on “2021 Online Benefit Sale”

  1. I would like to purchase #18 and #19, both 5×7 watercolors by Jill Crouch. Can you help me with this purchase?

  2. I would like to purchase #15 the mindowaskin gazebo. Please confirm if still available and i will send payment by paypal

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