Art In The Park Recap

On June 9th, members of the Westfield Art Association met in Mindowaskin Park for an afternoon of art making under the sun. Member and non-member artists alike, set up in the park to capture the beauty of this popular Westfield spot.

There were artists using a variety of mediums: oil, watercolor, acrylic, sketching, ink, photography and more. The visitors and the artists all enjoyed the beautiful environment. All enjoyed observing the artists’ progress, interacting and asking questions.

There were art kits available, and several people were inspired to join in on the art making. People were also able to try traditional Ebru marbling.

We could not have asked for better weather for our event. We even got a little spot in The Westfield Leader.

2 thoughts on “Art In The Park Recap”

  1. It was great fun to draw with ink & brush out of doors in the park, something I have not done in years!
    Fortunately it was a beautiful and breezy day!

    1. Maxine, it was so lovely to see you there, and your ink drawings are as beautiful as ever!

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