Creativi-Tea Recap

On Sunday, September 16 members of the Westfield Art Association and the community at large came together to kick off another year filled with art and enjoy a beautiful spread of sandwiches, delicious treats and homemade baklava!

The afternoon afforded plenty of time for socializing and catching up after a long summer break. Members shared resources, opportunities to learn and show their artwork and make suggestions for betterment of the group. In addition to enjoying delicious foods, the group enjoyed a fun filled exercise that our our creative juices flowing!

The president addressed many questions and listened to wonderful suggestions that will continue to improve our consistently growing art association.

There is a fantastic array of beautiful artworks at Juxtapose Gallery awaiting pick up from the County for our October show. THANK YOU to all members who participated.

Also, check in with our website frequently – we have a wonderful demonstration coming up on the third Sunday in November you won’t want to miss!

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