WAA Benefit Art Supplies Silent Auction & Sale

The Westfield Art Association will be holding a special event at First Congregational Church at 125 Elmer Street on Sunday, November 22. WAA members & friends are invited to join us on that date as we celebrate the artistic life of Betsy Lee Styskal, a long-time member of both FCC and the Westfield Art Association, with a silent auction of her artwork, art supplies & art materials.
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For those of you who did not know Betsy, she was a noted graphic designer and a prodigious painter, drawer, printmaker and bookmaker. She was passionate about the quality of her tools and materials, and worked in three separate studios that she built into her charming home in Mountainside. 
Betsy knew that she would not live forever, and could not bear the thought that her art supplies would one day end up unused or in the trash. Over the past month, we have carefully moved Betsy’s art supplies – including brushes, paints, papers, tools, books, drawing tables, artist lamps, Macintosh monitors, printers, etc – to FCC and readied them for sale to our members & friends.
We hope that you will join us in FCC’s Ketchum Hall at 1pm on the 22nd. There will be a small presentation on Betsy made by Brooke Gardiner, followed by the sale of her artwork and supplies. This is a marvelous opportunity to purchase high-quality artist tools and supplies at a fraction of their original cost, so we hope to see all you art enthusiasts and encourage you to invite any young student artists to join in this special event.
This silent auction & sale will be a fundraiser for the Westfield Art Association.

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