The WAA Artist Interview: Brooke Gardiner

We may be the oldest arts organization in New Jersey, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like to try new things: Introducing a completely digital members event for January, 2018 – the launch of our new video interview series.

Who would we choose for our first member artist video? Yes, I already told you in the headline: Brooke Gardiner. Brooke is our longest-serving board member, and has over the years served as President, Treasurer, and Vice-President, making him likely more responsible for the direction of our organization than anyone else currently in our membership. Watch this short video and you will see and hear the story behind some of Brooke’s favorite sculptures.

And now about one of our newer board members, Paul Federico. Paul has written, directed, edited, and produced this marvelous video of Brooke. We look forward to more artist interview episodes in the future.

We hope you will enjoy this new approach to art appreciation and education, and that you will share it with friends both new & old.

Our organization may have begun in 1922, but we are still keeping it fresh is 2018!

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